How to clean your charcoal grill

Grilling is a fun part but cleaning the charcoal argentine grill is necessary. We recommend to follow these steps:

Before using for the first time

All stickers and films must be removed from grill before use. We recommend cleaning the table, small grate, main grate, meat hooks, grilling basket and griddle thoroughly with a suitable cleaning agent. Remove all cleaning residues and dry.

How to clean your grill grates

Two hours after cooking: First, make sure all surfaces are cool. While still on the grill, scrub grate with a stainless-steel brush to remove all excess of food.

When grates are completely cool: Remove each section of grates from grill and place them on the side. Add 1 gallon of warm water in a container big enough to fit one piece at a time. Add a couple of drops of degreaser or detergent in the water. Insert one piece at a time in the container, soak it and scrub excess food with a nylon cleaning brush. Remove each grate from container and rinse with fresh water. Dry it with microfiber cloth. Repeat the process for each piece of grate.

You can follow the same procedure for other parts in contact with food like secondary grate, griddle, grilling basket, and meat hooks.

 How to clean the outside of the charcoal grill 

First make sure all surfaces are completely cool. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth mix with a soapy solution. Rub it over the exterior of the grill. If there is persistent dirt or grease, you can use a soft sponge to scrub them out. Rinse with fresh water but avoid any excess of water from getting inside the grill as this can cause damage to the interior. Dry it with microfiber cloth. Never use any sharp items that could scratch the surface of the grill. Never use an acidic, chlorine based or abrasive cleanser on stainless steel. They will damage the finish.

WARNING: Some discoloration will occur on some parts of the grill due to the extreme heat. The company consider this a normal wear and tear and will not be responsible for its cleaning.