About us


Born and raised in Argentina, we are a group of friends who grew up watching our fathers' father work on an Argentine Santa Maria grill. The grill, or 'asado', was and continues to be our way of gathering around the table together with family and friends.

We are passionate about wanting to deliver the ultimate grilling experience which is why we have developed products based on real life usage. We love to hear people tell us that we grill like a pro and who get excited when we invite them over. We are obsessed about quality but mostly about customer satisfaction.

We wanted to share this feeling and experience with you and anyone who wishes to grill like a pro!

Who we are

It started back when we were just kids. Our family and friends got together to enjoy not only the different flavors coming from the food, but also being together in the same place. Today isn't any different for us and there is always an occasion to light up the grill and cook something on it.

In the end, we truly believe that grilling is a combination of what we call the 3 G's: good grill, good food and good company.

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